Our language academy is built on the idea of an ecosystem of teachers – a community of passionate, experienced language instructors who work together to provide the best possible language learning experience for our students.

Do you want to overcome language barriers? Invest in yourself and learn a language with TALKETIKA, wherever and whenever you want.

  • Because your range of job possibilities will be infinitely wider

  • Because it will help you in your personal and social growth

At TALKETIKA we have experienced native and bilingual teachers and support materials to optimize your learning experience at a very competitive price.

Learn at your own pace wherever and whenever you want in a group or individually

Also courses aimed at companies that wish to train their workers

About Learning & Teaching in


We believe in methodologies that focus on students’ learning goals, replacing rigid structures for dynamic and effective teaching, keeping in mind our motto: The language is the curriculum

No two students, or groups of students, are the same and that´s why we stay away from the one-size-fitts-all approach that most learning resources promote.

In stead of ticking off boxes, we constantly re-assess relevance, impact and usefulness of the provided content.

Not shying away from input and feedback from our students, we encourage them to help us tailor their course to their specific needs.

 We only work with certified professionals and base our courses on the “European Common Reference levels“


  • Flexible schedule

  • Learn comfortably whenever and wherever you want

  • Personalised study plan

  • Optimal teacher – student interaction to build more confidence

  • Excellent resources

Private Classes

Private classes packs available in all languages

Price: 240€/12H *

(*valid until 4 months after purchase date)

By Talketika

More languages


  • Create your own group with your friends

  • minimum group size is 2 people, maximum 5 people

  • Get a discount for every friend you refer

  • All native and bilingual language teachers

  • Price from 5€/person

Business Spanish conversation group class

Spanish literary and business conversation (2 virtual class per week)

Open class time: Every monday 16:30-18:00

Price: 240€/3 months

By Inés Benkeblia


  • Interaction with other students  
  • Groups of maximum 8 students for focused learning

  • Conversational skills

  • Appreciation and discussion of literary works

  • Friendly expert teachers

Business French conversation class

Research and discussion of business and literary (2 virtual class per week)

Open class time: Every Wednesday 16:30-18:00

Price: 468€/6 months

By Inés Benkeblia

Blended Business English programme

Self-study + teacher support (1 virtual class per week)

Open class time: Every Wednesday 18:30-19:30

Price: 50€/month

By Monique van Hoorik

ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS  – Courses at all levels

  • In order to expand your business internationally, you need your employees

    to have extensive knowledge of languages.

  • Invest in your company and in your workers by training them.

  • The Talketika Business English teachers are the right fit for your company 

    and will make your investment profitable in an efficient and effective manner.


    Ask for a quote without any further obligation.


Talketika has a wide range of experienced native and bilingual teachers with proven qualifications to provide the exact solution to the needs of our students by teaching from basic to advanced levels or preparing for specific events or exams.


Many companies have already chosen Talketika as a trusted partner. We have trained thousands of employees and because of this we can ensure a effective learning experience that delivers the best possible ROI.


A selection of our directly available services

What are English classes with Talketika like?

They are conversational classes online, via Skype, Zoom, Teams or the Talketika Classroom which focus on enhancing and improving your spoken English.

What level of English do I need?

It is advisable to have a basic level, to be able to maintain a minimum of conversation. If you have any doubts, sign up for your free trial lesson of 30 minutes, or take a level test. 

What is the cost of Talketika English lessons?

Prices are varied and are more affordable than most contracted lessons. You can see our prices here.

Can a teacher cancel an English class already scheduled with me?

It rarely happens, but yes, our teachers can have unforeseen circumstances and may cancel a class. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your class and you can reschedule with him/her within available hours.

Is there an expiration date on a Talketika lesson pack?

Yes, contracted courses are available for 5 months from their start date, after which they are no longer valid.

Can you issue an invoice of my purchase?

Yes, of course. You can send us your invoice details when you purchase your pack. 

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