Get your personalized classroom for your online class and virtual event.

Your personalized virtual classroom

Customized meeting rooms with your logo, colors and background image. You can easily impress your clients with your company brand, making them more willing to sign a contract with you.

Your brand logo

Display your company logo on the meeting room screen.


Hold meetings

You can hold your team meetings in your personalized meeting room

The color of your brand

Customize with your brand color.


Organize a webinar

You can use your custom meeting room to host marketing webinars.

Background image of your brand

You can display your ads as a background image in the meeting room.

Live streaming

You can livestream your virtual event to YouTube or other platforms.


A message for welcome

You can set a custom welcome message for each meeting.

Collaboration tools

If you want to work more effectively as a team, you can use a shared whiteboard or notebook.

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Brand classroom for TALKETIKA members

If you want to be a member of TALKETIKA, contact us to activate your personalized classroom.