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What we offer

Talketika Academy  Every Friday from 14:00 -15:30

Would you like to promote your online group course or sell an online language course with Talketika?

Participate in our TK Academy training in which we select the best language teachers to help them sell their courses. Both group webcam and online courses on our platform, in addition to assigning our students to whoever they want!

All this thanks to our select community of language teachers and platform.

Together we create an online language community between teachers and students to make quality language teaching accessible to all and that can help us to improve our quality of life as individuals and professionals.

What will you learn

You will meet other online language teachers and talents with whom you will learn how to create a successful company with few resources. We will apply an innovative philosophy and methodology based on cooperation to our online language community from which those who help build and improve it can benefit in a meritocratic way.

Let’s Learn Together!


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